10 Best Healthy Breakfast Options in Nashville, TN: Start Your Day Right

Beginning your day with a nutritious breakfast is essential for a successful day. Nashville, TN is home to some of the best breakfast spots in the nation. From vegan eateries to classic American diners, there's something for everyone. Here are 10 of the top places to get a healthy breakfast in Nashville.

E+ROSE Wellness Bodega is an excellent spot to start your day. Located in the heart of Gulch, this fashionable restaurant serves up delicious breakfast options like the Nova Lox bagel and roasted mushroom omelet. They also have smoothies and juices if you're looking for a liquid breakfast.


is one of the city's most modern plant-based restaurants. Located in the Onec1ty Charlotte Pike complex, it's impossible to miss thanks to the huge avocado mural on its building.

Their vegan menu is as fresh (and delicious) as it looks. Our personal favorites are the veggie burger and spring rolls with kimchi.

Vui's Kitchen

is PHO REAL, one of Nashville's hidden gems. This cool Vietnamese restaurant offers traditional foods like Pho noodle soup, Bao pork belly roll, summer rolls, and the original Banh Mi sandwich.

Wild Cow

is a plant-based bistro and bar located in East Nashville. This place is similar to Wild Cow, except it's 100% vegan.

They offer delicious options like gluten-free kale, chickpea, and pineapple soup.

Henrietta Red

is a great option for a date night. This American oyster restaurant and bar is owned by a Nashville-native chef and her business partner. They offer incredible seafood options like Grouper and Red Snapper.


is a quick and easy option for breakfast and lunch. You can get your fill of coffee thanks to their full Bongo Java Bar.

They also have an on-site bakery with delicious options like avocado toast.


is a family-owned Lebanese restaurant in Nashville. We recommend starting the meal with hummus or falafel and then moving on to any of their main courses like grilled lamb tenderloin.

Juice Bar

has five locations in Nashville and 11 locations in Central Tennessee in total. Their delicious menu includes everything from different types of toast and breakfast bowls to salads and sandwiches.

True Food Kitchen

is a great option for vegetarians and those looking for gluten-free brunch options in Nashville. Bagel sandwiches include avocado and egg, smoked salmon and New York-style cream cheese, smoked fish sandwich on the bagel of your choice, and more.


in Germantown is one of the best places to have breakfast on the weekends in Nashville.

Although it's best known for its pan-fried chicken, they also serve up rustic-style breakfast dishes like hot cookies and thick chocolate milk served in glass jars. No matter what type of healthy breakfast you're looking for, you'll find something delicious in Nashville! From vegan restaurants to traditional American diners, there are plenty of options to start your day off right.

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