Where to Find Free Outdoor Workout Classes in Nashville, TN

Are you looking for free outdoor workout classes in Nashville, TN? If so, you're in luck! Club Pilates offers a free trial class at all locations for new customers. Nashville Metro Parks and Recreation also provides a variety of fitness classes at multiple facilities. You can find out what classes each center offers by checking out the table below. Select a center to go to their website.

If you're looking for a great place to run and walk, head over to Nashville East, 1900 Eastland Ave. Pinkerton Park is located just a short walk from downtown Franklin (about 20 miles south of Nashville). It's the perfect spot for exercising with a kettlebell or throwing the medicine ball. The park has a 1.6 km track with markers every quarter of a mile to help you keep up the pace, which is especially useful for fast or interval work.

Pinkerton Park also has bars for lifting and doing push-ups, as well as other gyms that offer useful descriptions of the exercises. If you're looking for something more adventurous, Crockett Park on Volunteer Parkway in Brentwood, TN is the place to go. AMGA-certified guides lead two outdoor adventures here, taking climbers through streams, forests and climbing areas among sandstone rocks. The property also offers yoga and other fitness activities and organizes guided and personalized outdoor climbing tours for up to 12 participants outside of Nashville.

For those seeking a more intimate training experience, Bill works several days a week doing personal training and running sessions with clients. He also teaches Crutch Camp.

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