Exploring the Best Scenic Walks in Nashville, TN

Nashville, TN is a great destination for those looking to explore and take in the sights. From leisurely strolls to invigorating hikes, there are plenty of scenic trails and parks to choose from. Downtown tours, Centennial Park, Radnor Lake, Richland Creek Greenway, Warner Parks, Shelby Bottoms, Airpark, Bicentennial Capitol Mall, Cornelia Fort Airpark, and Ozone Falls Class I Scenical-Recreational State Natural Area are just some of the amazing places to explore. The Best Hiking Trails in Nashville include the Day Loop Trail and Stones River Greenway Trail.

The Day Loop Trail is a great way to explore the city and take in the sights. Start by parking near Nissan Stadium and crossing the Cumberland River via the pedestrian bridge. You can then run along First Avenue to Woodland Street and cross the bridge to return to the east side of the Cumberland. Repeat as many times as you want for a great workout.

Centennial Park is Nashville's main urban park and is located west of the city center. Spanning 132 acres, it features wide circular trails that cross Centennial and a large front lawn that is ideal for outdoor games. The Parthenon is the centerpiece of the park and is a must-see. Radnor Lake is a 1,332-acre state park that is protected as a Class II natural area.

It's unique because of its abundance of wildlife viewing opportunities, environmental education programs, hiking trails, and location in the center of an urban area. Radnor Lake is for day use only and the more than six miles of trails are strictly used for hiking, photography and wildlife observation. The Richland Creek Greenway is located in the Sylvan Park neighborhood of Nashville and is a nearly three-mile paved winding loop that surrounds the McCabe golf course. The trail has many bridges over rocky streams, wildflowers and plenty of shade depending on the time of day.

Warner Parks are located 9 miles from downtown Nashville and cover 3,180 contiguous acres, including Percy Warner and Edwin Warner Parks. Percy Warner Park contains an extensive network of hiking trails as well as 10 miles of equestrian trails. Edwin Warner has some of the best hiking in Nashville with its Harpeth Woods Trail being one of my favorites. The 2.5-mile circuit has vigorous hills that make for good exercise.

The nature trail located in Shelby Bottoms has a beaver dam, butterfly gardens and a stream that was once bright pink due to a rare form of traveling algae. To learn more about Shelby Bottoms in East Nashville click here. The Airpark is connected to the Shelby Bottoms Greenway so if you want a more picturesque ride you can get off the track at any point. There's also a small playground for children, an old airplane hangar where bluegrass bands sometimes play, and pasture for cows.

The Bicentennial Capitol Mall provides visitors with a taste of Tennessee's history and natural wonders and serves as a lasting monument to Tennessee's bicentennial anniversary which took place on June 1st 1996. The Cornelia Fort Airpark is located at 1199 Shadow Ln, Nashville TN 37206 and opens from 6am at 9pm every day. The Ozone Falls Class I Scenical-Recreational State Natural Area is a 43-acre natural area in Cumberland County and is about two hours from downtown Nashville so definitely save it for when you have time. What used to be a former airport and runway for small planes is now a giant runway for locals and visitors to run walk cycle or skate.


Nashville offers something for everyone when it comes to scenic walks or hikes. From downtown tours to Radnor Lake or Warner Parks there are plenty of places to explore.

Whether you're looking for an invigorating hike or just want to take in some beautiful sights there are plenty of options available in Nashville.

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